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Which Scent Will You Choose?
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We are excited to team up with Soy Delicious Candles truly are {love at first light} for this fun and easy fundraising opportunity. 

Their 14oz candles come beautifully packaged in a perfectly giftable box which you sell at a price of $25.00 each (retail price is $40).  40% of the proceeds will then be donated to Sofia's Hope.

We provide this easy to use fundraising form with their top selling candles, fragrances, which are changed depending on the season.  Upon completion of the sale, you submit  order form(s) with payments (cash or check made out to Sofia's Hope).  Soy Delicious Candles truly are {love at first light} will process your order, allowing 2 -3 weeks for delivery.


This is a great way to get involved and give back.  Sofia's Hope will give high school students service hours as follows based on the number of candles sold:

# Candles




# Svc Hrs




If you have comments or questions, please email us at or call (786) 730-4545.  Good luck and thank you for helping us fight childhood cancer with HOPE!!

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