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Study Buddies

Sofia's Hope is piloting a virtual tutoring program for children in treatment for childhood cancer as well as survivors.  Many children affected by cancer develop learning disabilities due to treatment and many have to leave school. We want to help them stay on track with their studies and help them succeed. 

This program seeks to provide free educational support in math and science to childhood cancer patients and survivors who are looking for help with school work. To ensure safety and maintain social distancing rules, all tutoring will be done through Zoom or FaceTime.

The program will be the lead by Maria Mantero, who has worked as a tutor for five years, helping twenty-three children (and counting) with their math and science courses. She is currently applying to Medical School and couldn't think of better way to combine her love of teaching and medicine than in spearheading this program.

Maria Mantero.jpg

"I enjoy interpreting the world in terms of science and explaining it in mathematical terms, breaking life down into its most simple elements. I have a talent for dissecting complex concepts into digestible parts, transmitting those ideas, and feeding my excitement to others." -

Maria Mantero

For more information and/or to schedule your child for his/her FREE session(s), please click here or email us at or call us at (786) 730-4545.

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