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Finding Real Joy!

In 1957 during a talk to an audience in Montgomery, Alabama Martin Luther King, Jr. stated that "life's most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?" We tend to focus so much of our energy on ourselves, thinking it is there that we can find peace, happiness, love, etc. And while introspection is important, it will only get us so far. To find real joy, we have to help those around us and continually ask ourselves what we are doing for them, not just us.

And remember giving to others doesn't necessarily equate with a lot of money or time. There are many ways we help others. Following are a few suggestions to help keep you on track in 2018 and beyond:

Get involved with Sofia's Hope: We offer a few options to get involved with our cause, including:

  • Register your middle school children for Sofia's Hope Kickin it for Cancer Kickball Tournament on March 10, 2018. By creating their own fundraising website and/or putting a team together, they can have a great time while helping children with cancer and their families.

  • Purchase tickets to our 5th Annual Wine and Cheese fundraising event, scheduled for Saturday, October 27th and help spread the word to others. It promises to be a fun night of great food and drink, exciting special drawing, amazing silent auction, and much more! All in support of Sofia's Hope research grant to Wayne State University.

  • Sponsor a Newly Diagnosed Family Kit and support a family whose child as recently been diagnosed with pediatric cancer.

Share your talents: Think about what skills you can share with someone who is in need of a counselor or a teacher. Consider sharing your knowledge with a non-profit that is looking for professional help using your unique talents.

Help organize a collection or fundraising event. Consider talking to your work colleagues or your sport team about collecting lollipops (DumDums), fun band-aids or tissue boxes in support of Sofia's Hope. All these items are given to the Hem/Onc Clinics at both Nicklaus and Baptist Children's Hospitals so their patients can wipe away their tears, and forget that they had their finger pricked, port accessed and more.

Sign up for your work's giving program: Make your gift to a non-profit organization go further by asking if your employer has a workplace giving program. There are many companies who have official matching programs, so take advantage of them. If your charity of choice isn't among those included ask how they can be. You may also want to talk to your employer about volunteering or speaking out for a cause that matters to you.

Start the new year in a powerful way, and get involved to help others in your community. Happy 2018!


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